Thread Lifts

Sutures placed just under the skin can be placed under local anaesthetic and pulled to redistribute the skin so that the face appears less saggy.  Small barbs or cones on the sutures keep them taut and allow the skin to be caught and placed in the desired the direction to re position the skin and create lift and volume to the face.

The sutures can be attached to the scalp at one end for extra pull or free floating-engineered so that each of the thread ends play a tug-a-war with each other.

The sutures can be absorbable or polypropylene. We reccommend Promoitalia absorbable threads.  Eventually the body’s connective tissue forms around the thread creating a toughness that takes over the lifting effect itself. Although polypropylene sutures have been used in medicine for many years they are not absorbable and will remain there.  They are inert and can be removed surgically if so desired.  Below demonstrates some suggested placements but please discuss these along with your wants and expectations with your doctor.

Threads are used to lift eyebrows, lift the mid face, bunch up the cheeks, lift jowls and tighten the neck

Cost is dependant on the number of threads used and the procedure involved may take into account the use of some botulinum and dermal implants.  Please ask at the time of consultation but as an estimate consider these figures:

  • Eyebrow lift: $2000
  • Midface/jowls/neck: $5000
  • Combination of areas can be done for a full face restoration cost $5995

Adverse effects that should be fully discussed with the doctor and the procedure requires a full consultation and consent on a day preceding the procedure day.  Possible adverse outcomes include bruising, puckering of the skin, extrusion of the thread, infection and the need for surgical removal.

The procedure is not suitable for people that are prone to bruising, diabetics or cigarette smokers. The use of arnica creams and tablets to prevent bruising may be worthwhile.  A quiet time is necessary after treatment so that facial trauma does not alter the position of the sutures.  Keep applying cold compresses at home, place on the area treated without apply undue pressure.  Clean the wounds only softly with a little spirit and avoid shaving (men).  If make up is used, then use from brand new packaging.  Make-up creams are likely to be more sterile than powders. We do not recommend any vigorous exercise for 3 days; you will need to sleep on your back preferably with a seated position with pillows supporting the face, a handy thing is a tri-pillow or a neck pillow as used on long distance flights.  Do not speak frequently and avoid laughing. Recovery time: Allow 4-5 days recovery, there can be some bruising and only a few clients are lucky and manage to return to their work the following day.  Antibiotics will be prescribed to act as prophylaxis against infection.  If you are prone to herpes cold sores please let us know so that we can prescribe medication to reduce an outbreak following the procedure.

The Transform Advantage

We use only propriety Promoitalia absorbable threads. These threads are extremely well engineered to get excellent grip of the tissues and are less likely to break.  The 18 month absorbing time is adequate to allow the tissues to become settled in their new position.

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