Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic Bright is one of the safest and fastest tooth whitening treatments available. Cosmetic Bright is professional and less like to produse gum and teeth sensitivity post treatment than many other systems.  Transform is delighted to offer this treatment and we get a lot of positive feedback from clients undergoing this procedure.

You can drop up to eight shades after one treatment of only one hour, and it can last forever.

Results are immediate, safe and affordable. Call or email Transform Clinic today to be sent information on our Cosmetic Bright System Teeth Whitening.

Further Client Information and Instructions

You cannot have this treatment if you: 

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have mouth ulcers
  • Suffer from gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Are allergic to peroxide
  • Suffer from photo sensitivity (allergic to/over sensitive to light)
  • Have had recent dental surgery

Tips for an excellent treatment: 

Best results are obtained by having two 20 min tray sessions at once, then two separate sessions at a later date. 

For superior results, have your teeth cleaned and scraped by a dentist prior to being treatment.  Clean your teeth yourself just before treatment. 

Crowns, caps and veneers will only whiten back to the original shade they were put on.  White spots on the teeth (calcium deposits) will not be removed, however the surrounding teeth will whiten, blending the spots in better. 

There is no pain factor, however some people have minor sensitivity to this treatment.  If you have unfilled cavities they will tingle during the treatment.  

Avoid drinking liquid for one hour prior to treatment.  This will make the treatment more pleasant, as your mouth will produce less saliva. 

Many people find their mouths fill with saliva and solution during treatment.  This can be swallowed with no harm.  However if you prefer, we can pause the treatment, remove the mouth tray and allow you time to spit out the mixture.  Then we simply replace the mouth tray and resume the treatment .  

You must always wear UV goggles whilst using the activation light machine.

AFTER CARE: Teeth will be porous for 24 hours after treatment.  For best results avoid coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes and staining food (ie beetroot etc).  If you absolutely cannot avoid these clean the teeth immediately afterwards. If you have any staining food or substances in the first 24 hours your teeth may not benefit from the full bleaching effect.

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