Onychomycosis Treatment Pack

We have discovered that the key to successfully treating the difficult problem of fungal toes is to address the problem from more than one angle - doing the lot for your best result. Come in for a free consultation with one of our nurses

The course includes: 

  • x4 treatments with Fotona Laser set one week apart
  • Appointment to see Dr Little to assess and discuss best prescription medicines for Fungal infection. 

  • Footlogix Spiraleen Nail Tincture spray for feet-  x1

  • Antifungal powder for shoes x1
  • Review appointment with nurse at 6 months

Total value received is over $1350 for the one sum of $1220 paid up front


Before and After results using the Fotona 4D laser

Animated video demonstrating Fotona 4D treatment of Onychomycosis