skin Tightening with Platelet Rich Plasma-

The Dracula Facelift

Stem cell research has shown by using your own cells you can induce healing and repair by infusing a portion of your own blood- the platelet rich plasma.  Commonly now used for joints and with torn ligmants in sports injury clinics. As a purely cosmetic clinic we are mainly focused on treating skin texture and condition with PRP. Fine crêpey skin seems to respond the best to PRP, resulting in thickening, smoothing and increased luminosity of the skin. PRP is our treatment of choice for the fine fragile skin around the eyes, and is one of the few treatments that we can use to improve the skin of the upper eyelid without resorting to surgery. Finely wrinkled skin on the neck, chest, hands and underarms also responds well to PRP treatments, while almost any skin will respond by becoming thicker, healthier and more luminous. Because of it’s healing capabilities, PRP can also be used in conjunction with Fraxel resurfacing to optimise recovery following the procedure.  PRP infuses healing tissue with a powerful haemostatic and growth factor cascade so anywhere a tissue has been cut, lasered or dissected will heal more expediently, with less bruising and pain. PRP also exerts an antibiotic effect so infection risk is diminished.

Laser Skin Tightening

Fotofacial and radiofrequency skin tightening.

At Transform Clinic we are excited about this new technology which has the backing of overseas clinical trials. We believe this is the future for non surgical face lifts. Combining the freshening effects of intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments with the use of radiofrequency electrical energy to stimulate and contract tissues below the epidermis allows fantastic youth genrating effects.  At Transform we have recently taking delivery of a Nemesis machine for no downtime skin tightening- a relaxing and warming sensation on the face over as little as 30 minutes performed at regular intervals is enough to help stimulate your skin into a youthful you.  Dr Patrick Bitter – the pioneer in Fotofacial work has labeled the Polaris (ELOS) laser treatment the Fotolift and combining it with the intense pulsed light for removal of blemishes is the full Fotofirm tratment.

The Polaris laser is a state of the art treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction - facial and neck non-ablative rejuvenation. Non-ablative means not shedding any skin so unlike the older forms of laser resurfacing you can have treatment with Polaris and be back at work the same day. There is little or no real discomfort with the procedure.

Polaris is a unique combination of a 900nm Diode laser and bipolar radiofrequency energy. The unique heating of the matrix of the skin by the Polaris produces a controlled, focused energy, best for treating wrinkles and tightening the skin.

The combination of controllable energies treating at multiple levels makes it possible to treat fine wrinkles at the surface, while penetrating into the dermis to treat deeper wrinkles – all in the same procedure. After going over the whole face the operator can target certain areas to form vectors to lift the face.

Generally up to five treatments are required for maximum effect. Given that the method by which Polaris creates skin tightening and wrinkle reduction is through stimulation and production of your own bodies collagen, the full benefits of treatment can take 6-12 months to become apparent. The new collagen that is formed is permanent – unlike injected collagen – but of course is subject to natural deterioration with age. Top up treatments may be necessary over time. Polaris treatments are mainly for neck and face but can be used for problem areas on other parts of the body.

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