Laser Skin Resurfacing: Fractional re-surfacing

Fraxel Laser

Now there’s a new laser treatment that repairs damaged skin pixel by pixel, spot by spot with minimal downtime by promoting fast and natural healing. Restore the healthy skin of your youth and gain a renewed sense of confidence with this safe, non-invasive procedure.

Skin before and after

The benefits of re-surfacing with a Fraxel Laser include:

  • Improve texture tone and pore size
  • Erase unwanted brown spots/pigmentation
  • Smooth wrinkles around the eyes and acne scars*
  • Rejuvenate your neck, chest and hands
  • Minimal downtime

There is simply nothing else like it for improving the appearance of your skin and giving you a renewed sense of confidence.

Fraxel Laser - How it Works

Think of your skin as a family portrait or digital photograph in need of high-quality restoration or touch up.

Just as a damaged painting is delicately restored one small area at a time, or a photographic image is altered, pixel by pixel, Fraxel® Laser Treatment improves your appearance by affecting only a fraction of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots. This treatment eliminates old epidermal pigmented cells. It also penetrates deep into the dermis. Just as important, though, are the areas of skin the Fraxel laser leaves untouched. For every microthermal zone the laser targets and treats intensively, it leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected and intact. This "fractional" treatment allows the skin to heal much faster than if the entire area were treated at once, using the body's natural healing process to create new, healthy tighter tissue to replace skin imperfections. You will experience a mild sunburn sensation for about an hour and then minimal discomfort. The skin will have a pinkish tone for 5 to 7 days. This is a normal sign that the skin is deeply healing. Swelling is minimal and generally resolves in 2 to 3 days.Fraxel - How it works

You may apply make-up or shave soon after treatment. Some patients are able to return to routine activities, including work and social obligations, the same day of treatment. Others require a little more time, depending upon their skin condition and treatment. In 2010 Transform Clinc also offers platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatmentas an adjunct to resurfacing.  This aids healing and promotes collagen production. Please enquire more when you consult our physician to understand how this and Fraxel Laser Treatment will fit into your schedule.

New epidermal skin develops within 24 hours. This process of skin repair involves:

  • Bronzing: Your skin will have a bronze appearance that lasts anywhere from 3 to 14 days, depending on your treatment level.
  • Flaking: Your skin will naturally and vigorously exfoliate as new skin replaces dead tissue. Flaking is similar to that of minor sunburn, but without the associated pain. Use of a moisturizer will mask the appearance of flaking.

Over the following weeks and months, the body repairs the deeper dermal tissues that have been affected by the Fraxel treatment, producing longer beneficial changes associated with a healthy, youthful appearance.

Fraxel - How it works 2

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Is it Safe?

Previous ablative laser resurfacing in the early 1990's had a significant risk of leaving white porcelain skin, almost a scarred appearance when physicians lasered too deeply.  This was a particular problem for thin skinned areas expecially the neck skin. Many clients were put off by seeing this more aggressive treatment give the adverse effects of delayed healing and granulomatous or even keloid scarring post treatment.  Relax, fractional resurfacing introduced by Reliant's Fraxel laser overcomes this problem by always leaving tiny areas of good skin intact throughout the lasered area and allowing healing quickly and fully.  Risks are very small and will be fully explained at time of consultation.

skin Tightening with Platelet Rich Plasma-

The Dracula Facelift

Stem cell research has shown by using your own cells you can induce healing and repair by infusing a portion of your own blood- the platelet rich plasma.  Commonly now used for joints and with torn ligmants in sports injury clinics. As a purely cosmetic clinic we are mainly focused on treating skin texture and condition with PRP. Fine crêpey skin seems to respond the best to PRP, resulting in thickening, smoothing and increased luminosity of the skin. PRP is our treatment of choice for the fine fragile skin around the eyes, and is one of the few treatments that we can use to improve the skin of the upper eyelid without resorting to surgery. Finely wrinkled skin on the neck, chest, hands and underarms also responds well to PRP treatments, while almost any skin will respond by becoming thicker, healthier and more luminous. Because of it’s healing capabilities, PRP can also be used in conjunction with Fraxel resurfacing to optimise recovery following the procedure.  PRP infuses healing tissue with a powerful haemostatic and growth factor cascade so anywhere a tissue has been cut, lasered or dissected will heal more expediently, with less bruising and pain. PRP also exerts an antibiotic effect so infection risk is diminished.

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