Laser Hair Reduction

Laser TreatmentsThere are many different lasers available and we have spent some time analysing all the options of lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) machines and concluded that our Coolglide Laser offers much the best possible results for deep hair follicles and olive skins, whereas our Aurora Elos system (similar but better than an "IPL") is your best option for lighter coloured hair. It has a longer wavelength than most other lasers and therefore penetrates easily to the depth of the hair follicle. Some of our clients will be treated with both machines in the one treatment session to optimise results. Most other Medi-Spas appear to be agreeing with us in that the Coolglide now outsells many other hair removing lasers in the United States. Phone now and we will schedule you for a free appointment with one of our registered nurses for a no-obligation assessment and consultation.

Lasers use the pigment of the hair to attract light energy to burn the cells responsible for growth of new hair in the hair follicle. Treatment is best when the pigment is at its darkest during the hair growing phase. A beam of laser light will destroy many hairs in that area in one flash. Many published research papers demonstrate the excellent permanent reduction in hair growth achieved. This method is now very popular and fast becoming the preferred way to treat unwanted facial and body hair. We are seeing many more men now having laser treatments looking for smooth-skinned chests and backs.

We can treat almost any part of the body including hair on the face, neck, shoulder, back, chest, underarm, nipple, stomach, bikini line, brazilian, buttock, arms and legs.

Is the process painful?

There is a definite sensation, which can be described as "having a rubber band flicked against your skin". Most people do not consider this a problem. For those who require it, we can apply a topical anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Most areas can be treated in 20 - 60 minutes. However, large body areas such as legs may take longer or require several appointments.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. Lasers have been safely used in medical treatments since 1961. This type of laser has been in continual use since 1966.  The process has undergone extensive testing in the UK, Denmark and Norway and there are not reported long term side effects.  The light used is not of UV wavelength and does not harm your cells.

Why do I need a consultation?

Because this is a medical treatment you will want to know all about it before deciding. A Registered Nurse will document your medical history and current medications. She will also assess the treatment area, give you a written quote for it, explain the process and expectations of treatment and give you a test patch if required.

How many treatments will it take?

You can be expected to lose up to 50% of your treatable hair after the first two treatments. We will then decide how many further treatments you require to achieve your desired results. Most clients have 4-6 treatment sessions.

Who performs the treatment?

The treatment is performed under medical supervision in a clinic by a Registered Nurse, our nurses are trained to carry out this treatment, they have undergone a period of training and passed examinations in counselling you what to expect and in the proper and safe use of the lasers.

Will the hairs return?

Hair that is treated effectively during your treatment program will not return. However there are many hair follicles in the skin and it is possible for some individuals to develop some new hair growth in the treated area after treatment has been completed. This could be due to medications, disease or just changing hair patterns due to the aging process.

how much does it cost?

Our prices are reviewed frequently, they are very competitive and similar to most clinics in Christchurch, however be reassured that we have some of the best equipment, use highly trained staff and have a doctor available on site.


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