Non-invasive Laser Facelifting 


Fotona 4D is a non-invasive intraoral and exterior method that has minimal downtime and little risk of adverse effects. The research has shown it is very effective for those seeking to improve the quality of their skin, reduce perioral wrinkles - the fine lines around your lip - and deep nasolabial folds and improve jowls.

How does it work?

There a four dimensions to the Fotona 4D Laser facelift to reduce fine lines and wrinkles:Smoothliftin, FRAC3, PIANO, and SupErficial.

1. SmoothLiftinTM

This is aimed at providing tightening within the mouth. The first step involves a pain free treatment which targets volume through a process called collagen induction. The effects are an overall improvement of tightness and elasticity of the skin along with a plumping effect, much like a filler.

2. FRAC3

The second step involves rejuvenating the skin. This is achieved through absolutely tiny but specific deep fractionated injuries to the skin-  this stimulates fibroblasts to induce collagen synthesis.  This is fast, effective and will help restore youthful texture. 


The third stage of Fotona 4D involves tightening the skin. This is done by heating the skin safely and rapidly from the outside in by concentrating energy delivery subcutaneously (under the skin). This is done using a brushing technique and provides an outstanding tightening effect for areas experiencing skin laxity

4. SupErficialTM

The final stage is a light peel providing a polishing effect for your skin. The treatment removes dead skin cells to reveal the brighter, healthier tissue below and provides a noticeable glow to your skin. Moreover, the operator can easily adjust the laser to an extremely controlled light peel, without thermal effects, for a no-down time, precise treatment

 What can I expect from the treatments

 Everyone is different but you can expect minimal to no discomfort during the treatment. Immediately after the treatment, you may experiene some redness or swelling but this will diminish after a few hours. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately following the treatment.