Hair Restoration

Androgenic alopecia is a normal pattern of hair loss affecting a large percentage of men in the population.  Having this corrected is purely a cosmetic procedure.

Options for hair loss include:

  • Doing nothing ( changing hairstyle eg lightening or keeping hair very short)
  • Medical therapy, newer pharmaceuticals are having break though success- Finasteride 1 mg orally daily and/or Minoxidil 5% topical scalp application.
  • PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma) see below
  • Wearing a hairpiece
  • Having hair transplant surgery, preferably FUE techniques

Medical therapy

This is the most important aspect of your journey to better hair, before initializing any treatment you require an accurate diagnosis and reason for your hair loss.  Prevention is the best medicine and it is imperative for your best outcome that we identify any mechanism to curtail any further loss.   All our initial consultations are performed by Dr Little, a registered medical practitioner whom will take time to consult with you, listen to your concerns, an assessment of your hair and scalp will be made, laboratory tests may be required but are not always necessary.  We need time also to explain your best options.  

Make an appointment to see Dr Little for a full consultation, he will then prescribe the medications for you if you are suitable.   There are no secret formulas and you should get good honest answers and the latest medical and scientifically proven treatments.   Full consultation cost $140.  

PRP Injections

These will be fully explained at the time of the consultation and go in hand with the pharmaceutical treatment as above.  Platelet rich plasma treatment is a great way of stimulating your scalp and hair growth  with your very own growth factors. The procedure involves having your own blood sample processed to produce a fraction of fluid high in your platelet cells.  The platelets are small cells in your blood that are responsible for healing after you are injured.  These cells contain a high concentration of growth factors- chemical mediators that induce blood supply and growth in the surrounding tissues. The platelet rich plasma is placed under the scalp under local anaesthetic.  PRP cost is $550 per session.

Hair Transplants (Not available at Transform Clinic)

In the last decade, hair transplantation has progressed to the point where it can produce consistently natural results. Gone are the days of large plugs transplanted and leaving an ugly blotchy covering of hair over the bald patches, the newer follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques transplant single hair follicles at a time and give much more natural results.  Understand that your own existing healthy follicles from the back and sides of my scalp will be transplanted to areas affected by baldness. Although the intent is for the transplanted hair to be permanent, there is no guarantee that you might not lose the transplanted hair in future. Transplants move rather than create hair. Therefore, the resulting density will be significantly less than in the original site.

Transplanted hair sheds around two to six weeks after the procedure and the first signs of new growth occur on average in approximately ten weeks, although the onset can vary considerably, taking as long as four to six months or more. Hair gradually increases in both thickness and length, so that the initial growth is often not indicative of the final result. In less than five percent of patients, hair grows unabated after surgery, without shedding. One should generally wait eight to twelve months to best appreciate the cosmetic impact of the procedure. During this time, the continued increase in hair diameter and length strikingly alters one’s appearance. Once the hair reaches styling length, further aesthetic judgements about the distribution of additional grafts can be made by the Surgeon.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the latest and most minimally invasive technique available for hair transplants today. FUE utilises a motorised instrument to precisely dissect out individual hair follicles, which are then removed with forceps and planted into the recipient area. The benefits of this method include:

  • minimally invasive
  • no visible scarring
  • reduced healing time
  • less follicle damage, leading to a greater uptake rate
  • faster than other transplant techniques

Hair transplant in any form, even by the FUE system is not currently available at our Christchurch clinic but we are keen to see you to discuss the medical treatment programme, talk to Dr Little at futher information.

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