Acne Treatments

Both active acne and acne scars can now be treated at our clinic. Our lasers can help reduce scarring significantly and now our RF needling mchine - the Vivace - is available to treat active acne.

A good start is to book an assessment of your skin. We can give advice on treatments available for:

  • reducing blockage and sebum production
  • reducing infection
  • reducing inflammation

Also advice on preventative strategies e.g. diet, stress, mineral make-up.

Treatment Options

  • Microdermabrasion stimulating and vacuuming the skin
  • Phototherapy with different light wavelengths 
  • Photodynamic therapy to reduce sebum and bacteria
  • RF needling with Vivace
  • Acne Skin Care Pack (exfoliants, stimulants, glycolics and anti-inflammatory creams)

Our clinical facials with light, oxygen and radiofrequency energy can treat active acne all over the face by targeting the sebaceous glands and the bacteria that causes acne. Electrical energies that are used reduce activity in the sebaceous glands while the blue light heats acne bacteria. These treatments have little or no recovery time afterwards and they take less than 30 minutes to perform. Multiple treatments are required and they are dependent on each individual. Specific information can be given during a consultation with one of our therapists.

You can expect smoother, clearer and all-round healthier looking skin although results can vary from patient to patient.

Commitment to the course of treatments is the best method to ensure best results.

We offer an Acne Package which can save you up to 70% as opposed to purchasing the treatments separately. The package:

  • Includes a consult with doctor whom may prescribe necessary medications. 
  • Treatments once weekly, for 8 weeks.  You need to attend clinic for a clinical facial: a Glycolic Fruit Peel, diamond microdermabrasion followed by a session of phototherapy are performed each visit. Hydro-dermabrasion with oxygen is also available if prescribed as a substitute to diamond microdermabrasion.  Please allow 1 hour for this treatment.
  • We also Include a 50g Glycolic Cream for nightly use. 

Total Price for this package:          $ 984.00 inc gst 

Commitment to this course of treatments is the best method to be assured of a good result. Savings of up to 40% are given for this package

For acne scarring refer to the range of treatment options available on the Laser Skin Resurfacing pages. One of the most popular treatments for acne scarring is the Fraxel Laser that resurfaces your skin pixel by pixel. It is a very successful treatment for many skin problems.

For further information and to book in for a consultation please call us on 0800 2lookgood ( 0800 256 654 ).

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