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Please note that all our special price treatments relate only to our non-medical services.

Here at Transform Christchurch, we provide a vast array of surgical and non-surgical treatments as you can see on the list to your left, from Hair Removal to designer facials. Once we get to know you we would love you to try some of our other services. Visit the website frequently to keep the advantage on all our services. Also, make sure you are registered on our subscription list. We pride ourselves in giving best expertise and professional service in town, so please consult us on your desires and your budget and we are sure to achieve the results you desire.




Elos fotofacial

The Elos Fotofacial effectively freshens the skin and treats freckles, sunspots, red and brown spots, rosacea and spider veins. The Fotofacial leaves your skin looking smoother, more even, clearer and healthier overall.

Winter is the best time to get fotofacial treatments, while the sun is less harsh. As we want you to achieve the best results, we are offering a special for a course of four treatments.

Pay up front for the first two treatments, receive the following two treatments free. Non-transferrable. We recommend 4 weeks between treatments.

Terms and Conditions apply. Valid until August 31st 2018. Non-transferrable.


* conditions may apply to all specials please confirm details and your request with the therapist, not available with any other concurrent discount. Phone Sharyn on 3432880 or 0800 2lookgood (0800 256 654) and make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our nurses.

Loyalty Reward Scheme

We also have a system in place to reward regular clients for their custom.  This is usually is in the form of a bonus facial treatment.  If you feel you may qualify please ask the receptionist at your next visit if you qualify as we would love to reward you with a special treat that will suit you.