Toe nail laser treatments for the winter

29th of May, 2014

This Winter - sort out those thickened ugly toe nails. Athletes foot fungus under the toenail results in thick white and ugly nails. Although anti-fungal creams, pills and lotions can help this is a very difficult area to access with medications and often do not work well, but no excuses now...we have the availability of lasers to help you. Simply irradiating 1064 laser beams through the nail allows the build up of heat to de-nature and stem the fungal growth. This requires two treatments 2 weeks apart and then wait 3 months for the result! This is definitely one major technological advance in treating these cosmetically embarassing feet!

We offer free consultations with our registered nurses to explain it all ans assess your problem. Cost is normally $620 but mention this Winter Special on the website and receive the full treatment for $520. Available in Chrischuch Clinic only. Ph 3432880.